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Free Media Deck Training
Packages Free Standard Premium Platinum
Registration Free Free Free Free
Free credits on registration 15 25 35 50
User accounts 1 2 5 Unlimited
SMS campaign setup 1 2 5 Unlimited
SMS credits 24c incl. VAT 24c incl. VAT 24c incl. VAT 24c incl. VAT
Cost per Managed SMS 29c incl. VAT 29c incl. VAT 29c incl. VAT 29c incl. VAT
Cost per High Priority SMS 34c incl. VAT 34c incl. VAT 34c incl. VAT 34c incl. VAT
Real-time reporting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Mon to Fri (9am-5pm) Mon to Fri (9am-5pm) 24hrs 24hrs
Onsite training R600/hour
R600/hour (first training session free)
Managed service Quote Quote Quote Quote
White labelling None None R 2 650 R 2 650
Monthly Fee - R 1 500 R 3 000 R 5 500
Monthly Fee (6 Month Contract) - R 1 350 R 2 800 R 5 250
Monthly Fee (12 Month Contract) - R 1 300 R 2 650 R 5 000
Reseller opportunity Quote Quote Quote Quote
Revenue share 100/0 in favour of NXT 100/0 in favour of NXT 50/50 70/30 in favour of client
Free Trial Period
15 FREE credits
No contract or monthly fees, easy to manage. Start sending SMS’s straight away.
Standard R 1 300
25 FREE credits
The ideal package for individuals or small businesses that want to reach a wider target audience.
Premium R 2 650
35 FREE credits
For small to medium businesses that wish to create a personalised brand experience.
Platinum R 5 000
50 FREE credits
For businesses that require unlimited mobile marketing as a means of communication.

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About Media Deck

Media Deck has just been upgraded!

Our innovative, award-winning, web-based deck has a fresh new look, a more user-friendly interface and great new features.

Interactive mobile marketing is an impactful means of communication that can be used in conjunction with print, TV and radio ads, as well as with online social media campaigns.

Send and receive bulk SMS messages – set up and configure interactive SMS campaigns, polls, voting and competitions with keywords and short codes against your pre-defined address book in just a few easy steps.

SMS is a reliable and cost-effective marketing tool. It is a key means of reaching consumers with a measurable return on investment, while giving you visibility and control of your brand at all times.

NXT\ is registered as a Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) with South African Mobile Network Operators and is a member of WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider Association). Media Deck is a product of NXT\.

Control of all your requirements
Create and manage your own interactive marketing campaigns, competitions and notifications.
Marketing strategy
Receive real-time content from customers to improve marketing strategies and improve sales on products.
Make contact
Reach a wider target audience and make your mark on existing and prospective clients.
Mobile marketing is effective and affordable and can fit any sized budget while maximising your return on investment.
Grow your database
Create a common interest community where you can interact and create a personalised brand experience and customer satisfaction.
Single view reporting dashboard
Run real-time reports with a single view of your campaign activity for easy decision-making, campaign management and realignment.

Our SMS Credits never expire!

A minimum order of 1000 SMS credits are required per order!
1 sms message is equal to 1 SMS credit (160 characters).
Remember SMS sending is only applicable to South Africa

How do I get started?

Three steps to successful SMS communication…

Step 1: Sign up for Media Deck
Complete the registration form and a sales consultant will be in contact with you. A username and password will then be issued to you.

Step 2: Buy and load credits
Select the amount of credits that you’d like to purchase via EFT. Remember 1 credit =24c incl. VAT, and one credit is the equivalent of one SMS.

Step 3: Set up your account
Once you’ve faxed your proof of payment to us – your credits will be loaded and we will send you a confirmation email. You can then begin editing user permissions and setting up your message centre.

Some of our Clients

What our clients are saying!

View case studies from our clients using Media Deck!

University of South Africa

The UNISA Department of Corporate Communication & Marketing approached NXT for a strategic solution to empower us with the right tools to build our student database, and maximise the 2011 student application process. We wanted to also talk to prospective students on as many channels as possible and create a sense of community for those students deprived of a student community. We also needed very clear and real-time reporting for measurement to ensure our campaign is working.

We feel The UNISA Deck has revolutionised our application success, which is great for the bottom line.
Marius Bosch

Rani Resorts & Reckitt Benckiser

The purpose was to run a competition to find out where the bigger catchment areas are, in order for Rani to plan their media and direct their advertising spend accordingly. Generate money for Caxton through the revenue generated by the campaigns. Generate a database to which Reckitt Benckiser and Rani Resorts could do below the line marketing to. The two clients also got some free exposure, or exposure by giving away a cost product.

The Method - Caxton Community Papers and Get It magazines nationwide. In each case the answer that they had to SMS in was different in the Get It Magazines to that in the papers. The adverts also looked different in each medium. The purpose of this is to see where they get the most responses from. In both cases the papers were much more effective. We can then also further break this down so that each paper has a unique prefix so that we could differentiate by areas.

Redshift Mobile Solutions

I have dealt with NXT since 2006, during which time they have provided my business with excellent service pertaining to Mobile Marketing.

The upgrade to Media Deck has included numerous helpful changes allowing me to navigate the deck more efficiently. The reports are incredibly easy to understand and the support team provide excellent service.

I can confidently recommend NXT as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.
Michelle du Toit

What We Offer

Media Deck provides several products and services that work in conjunction with our bulk SMS deck. All products integrate into a single account that will provide you with the right solution.

  • One To Many Service

    Send bulk SMS’s from your phone, through to 32692 followed by the group name and your message.

    You’ll receive a reply with the amount of credits it will cost as well as the message for you to approve and action. Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

    How it works »
  • Integrated API Solution

    Our FREE API integration code, allows you to integrate bulk SMS services into your applications.

    A messaging framework which gives developers full access to integrate SMS API functionality into any application, website or software.

    Contact us »
  • Managed Services

    Our managed service offering will take care of all your mobile requirements from start to finish.

    We understand that you may simply not have the time or resources to send bulk messages or manage your campaigns, which is why we will do it for you.

    Contact us »
  • White Label Option

    For a small cost, we will uniquely brand the Media Deck with your company’s brand identity.

    Our highly customisable white label option will give you optimal brand representation, while managing your campaigns.

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  • Reseller Opportunity

    Our reseller option will provide you with the right tools to expand your business opportunities.

    We can customise our Media Deck with your brand identity, while giving you full control over all your requirements.

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About NXT

NXT is an award-winning, integrated agency. We've grown from our digital roots to embrace every way of getting our clients' messages out there. Because we know that people aren't interested in how they see a message; all that matters is that it finds them in the right place to make a connection. That's why we're always searching for new ways, and old ways, to use inspiring creativity to find that spark.

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